Hollyhock House


Hollyhock House (1918, Los Angeles, California)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s first southern California commission, Hollyhock House works with a vocabulary of forms referring broadly to the histories of Spanish California and pre-Columbian Mexico. Wright created a unique expression of southern California, reflecting regionalism in a truly modern form through sculpture and other decorative art forms, including an abstraction of a hollyhock flower. All spaces open into the central patio, making it “half house and half garden” with multilevel rooftop terraces that encircle the patio court linked together with bridges and stairways. Client Aline Barnsdall wanted Wright to create an arts complex that would include a theater for the production of avant-garde plays, a cinema, studios for artists, housing for actors and directors, and a personal residence. Today Hollyhock House is open for tours as a house museum and also contains exhibition space.