Living Room at Taliesin, Monday May 21, 2007. (c) Mark Hertzberg

Taliesin (begun 1911, Spring Green, Wisconsin)

Taliesin was designed as a home and studio for Frank Lloyd Wright. Rebuilt and expanded after two major fires, it grew and evolved over half a century under Wright’s direction. Most of the rooms are entered at a corner, resulting in dynamic diagonal sight lines that emphasize the interior space and extend the view through horizontal bands of windows beyond the house and out to the landscape. The careful, sensitive site planning and the use of many native materials reinforce Taliesin’s integration of building and landscape, making it a supreme expression of domestic architecture in the United States in its openness to nature. The Taliesin estate remains in the ownership of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and has continued to be used by the Taliesin Fellowship and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture as a summer residence and campus. Taliesin Preservation, Inc. conducts public tours of the estate April–November.