Foreword to the Nomination

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It is a privilege for the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy to present the Key Works of Modern Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright as a nomination for inscription to the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Our organization welcomed the opportunity to initiate and coordinate this serial nomination after many discussions over a number of years. The Conservancy, in the course of fulfilling its mission to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of all the remaining built work of Wright, collaborates and communicates with all Wright sites, both private and those open to the public, including the sites listed in this nomination. We support the individual preservation and education efforts of each Wright site and provide opportunities for collective activities. This nomination is certainly one of the most important shared endeavors we have undertaken to date.

Many are the challenges of coordinating a unified nomination which encompasses ten buildings, all owned by different types of
entities and spread geographically across the United States from one coast to the other. The Frank Lloyd Wright World Heritage Council was created to provide a vehicle for uniting these ten component buildings, to create a special ongoing communication channel among them, to generate shared management perspectives, and to establish a special focal point to ensure the preservation of these masterworks of modern architecture.

If the nomination is successful we will be pleased that this will be the first modern architecture World Heritage inscription for the United States of America. We feel it is especially appropriate that such an honor encompass the outstanding works of the nation’s premier architect and that it will encourage discussion of the impact of that work on the development of modern architecture internationally, which is part of our shared global cultural patrimony.

We thank the representatives of each of the sites who contributed their time and knowledge of their sites to the project. Lynda
Waggoner, Director of Fallingwater and Vice President of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, has played a critical role since the inception of the Conservancy’s World Heritage efforts and has coordinated the preparation of this nomination in all of its dimensions; we are enormously grateful for the energy and expertise she has invested in this document. In addition several members of the board of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy participated at various stages of the project and we acknowledge their many roles with gratitude. The advice and assistance of Phyllis Ellin and Stephen Morris, both of the Office of International Affairs at the National Park Service, have been vitally important to the process and we deeply appreciate their guidance.

Richard W. Longstreth, PhD
President, Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

Janet Halstead
Executive Director, Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy